Rich Book

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An educational presentation and collaboration software

RichBook is an interactive educational presentation and collaboration software developed by the RichBook team, designed for use in the classroom with any interactive whiteboard, interactive projector, and any updated 4K interactive touch screen flat panel display. RichBook expands your teaching tools with versatile illustrations and interesting presentation possibilities. Brilliant interactive content and built-in skill-developing, illustrative, and educational game activities help to arouse students’ interest and help to acquire knowledge.

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Customised Enriched Special E-Book

We offer RichBook, which is prepared according to the needs of the educational institutes and publishers, in CD, DVD, FLASH DISK (USB MEMORY), or downloadable format.

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Efficient and Fun

A Learning Environment RichBook is an educational presentation software that displays the pdf books on SmartBoard as one, two, or half-page formats and provides an easy and effective course presentation for teachers with RichBook standard tools. The goal of the product is to provide an efficient and entertaining learning environment for students and teachers by meeting people, information, and technology in a commonplace. RichBook transforms static pdf books into dynamic and interactive books.


One of the RichBook’s Goals

One of RichBook’s aims is to present books on the screen, to be able to switch between book pages, to zoom in and zoom-out the desired areas, to make drawing and marking studies on the book.

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Used New Technology and constantly up to date

Teachers’ feedback has been taken into account during development.

RichBook software produced for e-books be able to present in digital media such as computers, smart-boards, or tablets. It is an educational tool software that can accommodate video, audio, animation, games, and applications which makes strengthen teachers’ hands and work much easier.

This software can be used on CD, DVD, portable storage devices (Flash memory or portable hard drives) or can be operated by downloading from the internet.



RichBook is a flexible software that can be used on both any interactive&smart boards and computers. RichBook’s user interface supports and can adapt to varying display sizes. RichBook offers an expanding array of resources that help teachers present interactive content to blended learning.

We give the books to teachers as a PDF format. Is RichBook really needed?


When you give the PDF versions of your books to your teachers, you can easily replicate your books. At any moment, you may encounter a pirated edition of your publication. RichBook provides a high level of protection for your books. All pages are “encrypted”. In addition, teachers cannot process the books that you provide as PDFs, and cannot use media, such as audio, video, animation, activities, or games within the book.

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